Cancer and cancer treatments can have a long-lasting impact on your body, mind, and spirit. Survivorship services at Shaw Regional Cancer Center include clinical care, education, and support throughout your treatment and after initial therapy is complete.

Clinical Care
Through personalized guidance through the cancer journey, we empower survivors with knowledge on their cancer diagnosis and treatment, provide information, address late and long-term effects of cancer and its treatment, and provide recommendations for follow-up care.

Spirit of Survival
Shaw Regional Cancer Center’s comprehensive wellness program addresses the physical and emotional effects of cancer, long-term health goals, and the impact of cancer on day-to-day life. Incorporating fitness and recreation, nutrition, a variety of support services, and wellness services, the Spirit of Survival program empowers all survivors to thrive during and after treatment.

Spirit of Survival is made possible by the generosity of participants and donors of Pink Vail.

To learn more about our survivorship program or to schedule an appointment, please call (970) 569-7606.


Spirit of Survival


Spirit of Survival

Shaw Regional Cancer Center's comprehensive wellness program for patients undergoing surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.